Amazing overseeding results with GreenTek DynaSeeders!

Date: 19/08/20

Course manager Ross Angelini of Cheshunt Park Golf Centre posted this incredible image showing the germination of the newly overseeded green which was done just 6 days before whilst having a demonstration of the GreenTek DynaSeeder units on a John Deere greens mower,

The seed was Limagrain MM9 100% bent seed, and was precisely overseeded at a seed rate of 5grams/m2, at a depth of 6mm.

DynaSeeders can save a lot of money on seed, due to the highly accurate and controllable seed rate, combined with the depth and spacing, you can achieve amazing germination results.

Seeds are sown directly into tiny holes vastly reducing seed left on the surface going to waste, and what's more, this can all be done from the seat of your greens mower and golfers think you are mowing!

GreenTek Dyna Seeder

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