Multi-Sarel Solutions

  • Prevents surface sealing and aids drainage and aeration
  • Makes thousands of small holes with no surface disruption
  • Very fast! Sarel roll 5.4m (18") wide in one pass
  • Can be used folded up for intense aeration or seedbed preparation
  • Optional rear brush leaves superb stripes for excellent presentation




Sarel rolling has long been recognized as a highly beneficial turf treatment. It keeps the turf surface open, so that it can breathe and drain, and nutrients can be absorbed. Sarel rollers are already regarded as standard equipment for maintaining golf greens, but now with the triple unit Multi-Sarel, much larger areas such as football pitches and golf fairways can be efficiently treated. Golf clubs at all levels are discovering the benefit of using the Multi-Sarel for a combination of surface aeration and dew dispersal. After recent years of drought when many fairways suffered, an open surface is urgently needed to enable the penetration of air, water and nutrients, to assist recovery of good grass cover.

The Multi-Sarel's three units fold out hydraulically to give a massive 5.4m working width. It can also be used folded in with all three rollers in line to give a very intensive spiking pattern. This is an ideal preparation for overseeding. Rear brush attachments are also available so that you can spike and groom at the same time, leaving your pitches or fairways healthy and immaculately striped.

Multi-Sarel Features

  • Keep your turf breathing and draining
  • 5.4m working width
  • Rapid coverage of large areas
  • Wings pivot to follow undulations and contours
  • Hydraulically folds for transport

Multi-Sarel Specification

Multi-Sarel Working Width  5.4m(18') or 1.8m (6') Weight
   5.4m(18') or 1.8m (6')  2.3m (7'6") 450kg

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