Thatch-Away Supa-System Solutions

  • Complete triplex-operated greens maintenance system
  • Saves huge amounts of man-hours and money
  • Unmatched verticutting and collecting performance
  • Improved turf texture gives faster green speeds
  • Safe and secure cassette change. No tools needed
  • 10 second cassette change with the patented top loading design of the quick lock chassis



The world’s most effective Thatch collecting verticutter

There is just nothing to compare with the Thatch-Aways’ unique ability to cleanly cut out and collect up thatch. And on top of that, the way they leave the surface beautifully groomed and immediately playable.

But there’s also much more that the Thatch-Away Supa-System will do – just as easily and effectively.

The Supa-System is the perfect partner for your greens triplex, and maximises its usefulness like nothing else does.

The system is available to fit all popular greens mowers.

Have you got the full System yet, or are you still building yours up?

Thatch is the number one enemy of good putting surfaces. This layer of excess organic matter holds water, and therefore encourages shallow-rooted Poa Annua to dominate the turf. Thatch produces a surface that is soft and spongy when damp, yet quickly dries out and turns yellow at the first sign of a drought.

Checking root-zone samples on each green reveals the extent of your thatch layer.

It is not by coincidence that so many of the top golf courses use the Thatch-Away Supa-System.

Good news travels fast, and the Thatch-Aways’ awesome ability to cleanly remove and collect up thatch has made them legendary.

Change cassettes while your Thatch-Aways are still on your mower!

Because the new Toro TriFlex* does not use grass basket carrier frames like previous models did, it provides far better access to the heads.

This enables the Thatch-Away Supa-System cassettes to be swapped with the heads still on the mower, if the user so wishes. And thanks to the new quick motor mounting design, the whole operation can be done in just seconds – without any tools!

The new Toro TriFlex does not have grass basket carrier frames like previous models did (right). This enables clear access for changing cassettes with the heads still on the mower - even the centre heads!

* Manufacturer’s names used for purpose of identification only. No association implied.

Unique Thatch-Away Features

B.P.S. (Blade Protection System)

This is essential because although the Tungsten tips will withstand the most abrasive sand root zones, they can be easily knocked off when sliding the heads sideways under the mower to fit them.

The B.P.S. prevents this happening by using a two position rear roller which raises the blades right off the floor when not in use. Patented.

Sarel Roller

Simple, safe and secure cassette changeover

  • NO crawling under the greensmower
  • NO tools needed
  • NO bolts (to forget to tighten)...
  • So NO CHANCE of cassettes falling out on the green!
  • Patented
Sarel Roller

Thatch-Away Supa-System Features

Thatch-Away Supa-System
  • Patented Set-By-Feel Height Adjusters to accurately adjust cutting height by 0.25mm with every quarter turn ‘click’
  • Tungsten-tipped blades for unmatched verticutting and thatch removal
  • Unique Blade Protection System with two-position rear roller protects the blade tips when storing, fitting and transporting units
  • Vacuum technology of FanForce blades and spacers for exceptional collection of cuttings
  • 10 second cassette change with the patented top loading design of the quick lock chassis

Thatch-Away Supa-System Downloads

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"Being in the golf industry for over 30 years I have used every type of verticutter dethatcher made. I now can say I have found the greatest greens maintenance tool ever in your system. The quality of the putting surface is improving with each use! I am not sure how I ever did my job as a superintendent without the Thatch-Away system. Thank you for making my job easier."

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