How to Survive Droughts and Downpours



In summer, turf becomes sealed by a combination of dust and foot traffic.

This results in the irrigation or rainfall evaporating off without being absorbed into the root zone. And when it rains hard, a sealed surface results in a mass of puddles.

Hence the benefit of using a Sarel Roller to spike the surface followed immediately by a brush to sweep the dew down the holes into the root zone. Then when it rains, you will have an open surface that drains freely.


• Thousands of small holes pricked through sealed turf surfaces

• Decreased use of wetting agents

• Brushing disperses moisture, reducing fusarium risk

• Ideal for use before and after overseeding, to increase germination rate

Sarel Roller



Sarel Roller

The Sarel Roller and Brush combination can help to significantly reduce your expenditure on wetting agents. 


  • Thousands of small holes pricked through sealed turf surfaces 
  • Decreased use of wetting agents 
  • Brushing disperses moisture, reducing risk of fusarium 
  • Ideal for use before and after overseeding to increase germination rate 
  Sarel Roller
 Working Width  1.5m (5')
 Weight  135kg
  Rear Dew Brush
 Working Width  1.5m (5')
 Weight  8kg


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