The Smart Way to Healthy Turf



The importance of brushing turf is now widely recognised. It has largely replaced the use of dragmats as the best way of working-in topdressing, and is increasingly used to remove worm-casts and disperse dew, thus helping to prevent fungal diseases such as fusarium.

The Maxi-Brush is a triple section 5.4m (18’) wide brush, which can also quickly adapt to a six row 1.8m (6’) wide topdressing brush. Now with the introduction of optional hydraulic folding, it has become even more versatile than ever.

By brushing off the dew before mowing you get a clean cut with no grass clumps.

Very versatile

One of the great features about the Maxi-Brush is its versatility. For general sportsfield use, the manual folding version is ideal. For golf courses, optional hydraulic folding provides ultimate ease and efficiency for transport between fairways.

And if you already own a Maxi-Brush, you can now also purchase the Sarel Roller kit as an option to fit the same frame.


  • Economical and versatile

  • Turf is less prone to fungus when dew is dispersed

  • 6 rows of bristles quickly brush-in topdressings

  • Ideal for striping pitches, grooming before mowing and dispersing worm-casts and grass clippings

  • Also suitable for maintaining synthetic turf


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Hydraulic Maxi-Brush folds up without leaving your seat.

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Can also be used as a six row topdressing brush.

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Sarel Roller Cassette with Rear Dew Brush fits into an existing Maxi-Brush frame.


  • Economical and Versatile 
  • Turf is less prone to fungus when dew is dispersed 
  • Easy and quick to use and transport across greens 
  • Ideal for striping pitches, grooming before mowing and dispersing worm casts and grass clippings 
  • Also suitable for maintaining synthetic turf 
    Maxi-Brush (Patented)
   Working Width  Transport Width  Weight
 Triple brush with manual folding  5.4m (18')  1.8m (6')  150kg
 Triple brush with hydraulic folding kit  5.4m (18')  2.34 (7' 8")  180kg
 Sarel Roller Kit  1.5m (5') 1.8m (6')   135kg
 Rear Dew Brush Kit  1.8m (6')  1.8m (6')  8kg


5 Year WarrantyFrom 2020, all GreenTek products are covered by 5 years parts and labour warranty for commercial use and a 3 month warranty for hire use.

This is a genuine ‘bumper to bumper’ warranty and includes everything except components subject to fair wear and tear such as blades, brushes, belts, bearings, drive splines etc. and also damage caused by corrosion, abuse or lack of maintenance.