The Highest Performance - Nothing Comes Close!

The Thatch-Away 24” and 30” Walk Behind Verticutters are designed to give you the highest performance available in any pedestrian verticutter.

This is achieved by the use of patented Fan-Force Tungsten tipped blades that combine with the Thatch-Away’s extra-long grass deflector to create a powerful air vortex which literally sucks up the thatch from your green and blasts it into the grass box, leaving a debris-free surface. Many other features set the Thatch-Away apart including the precision manufactured rear roller which houses a true differential, and the rear roller scraper that incorporates a special trough to actually collect the debris it removes.

In addition, a quickly inter-changeable Brush Reel is available for the Thatch-Away. This is ideal for when you wish to give the surface just a gentle grooming, or to remove surface debris and Poa Annua seeds.


  • 605 tungsten tips work across the 24” cutting width for fast effective thatch removal
  • Unique Fan-Force blade design literally sucks thatch out of the turf and blasts it right to the back of the grass box
  • Powerful 5.5hp Honda engine for rugged reliability
  • Complete with large capacity grass box


Roller ScraperRear roller scraper trough collects debris as you go.

Tungsten Tipped BladesTungsten tipped blades and finned spacers for ultimate cutting and collection performance.

Look at the finishLook at the finish - and all that thatch!


  • The ultimate verticutting experience on Golf and bowls greens, fine lawns and other areas 
  • Fan force blades leave a totally clean finish whilst removing a large volume of Thatch 
  • Large collection box saves lots of time emptying clippings 
  • Increases ball roll and green trueness 
  • Interchangeable rotary brush reel available 
   Thatch-Away Walk Behind (Patented)
   24"  30"
Engine  Honda GX160  Honda GX160
 Power  5.5 hp  5.5 hp
Working Width  61cm (24")  75cm (30")
Transport Width  102cm (40") 120cm (47")
Blades   Fan-force® Tungsten Carbide tipped blades
Blade Spacing 10mm (3/8") 20mm (3/4")
Working depth Down to 6mm (1/4") below the surface
Weight 120kg 135kg
Grassbox and transport wheels Standard Standard
Brush Reek Optional Optional
10mm soaced blades Standard Optional
Complete 10mm spaced reel Standard Optional
Complete 20mm spaced reel Optional Standard


Thatch Away Supa System5 Years Warranty

This is a genuine “bumper to bumper” warranty and includes everything except components subject to fair wear and tear such as blades, brushes, belts, bearings, drive splines etc, and damage caused by corrosion, abuse or lack of maintenance.

Engines are covered by the engine manufacturers guarantee.