GreenTek Dyna-Seeder



If your greens are slowly filling up with Poa Annua, when really you are wanting to increase the percentage of bent and fescue in them, here’s the easy way to do it.

Simply Dyna-Seed them.

The new Dyna-Seeder units open up a unique opportunity for you. Because they fit so discreetly on your triple mower, you can overseed at any time the conditions are right, without your members even noticing. Their super precise mechanism can plant pure bent seed at just 5g per metre, accurately and without wind drift.

How the revolutionary Dyna-Seeder works...

The vibra-spiker mechanism vibrates the spikes into the ground which produces thousands of clean open holes for the seed to lodge and germinate in.

At the same time the seed is precisely metered out onto the green at the most economical application rate and pushed into the ground by the rotating spikes as they penetrate.

The precision seeding mechanism has a wide range of pre-set application rates which will handle bent seeds, fescue seeds and mixtures. Even pure bent can now be accurately and economically sown, without wind drift.

Enjoy the excellent germination rate, and fresh dense growth on your greens!

Special trolleys store the Dynamics units when not in use, and enable them to be fitted to the mower with ease.

“Ask for a demo on your course NOW!”

Dyna Seeder Cassette

Dyna Seeder Trolley


  • The most direct way to get the grass species you want, growing in your greens 
  • Vibratory spiker creates neat plant pots for seed to lodge in 
  • Highly accurate metering saves huge expense on seed 
  • Members unlikely to notice reseeding work being done with a triple mower 
  • The whole seeding operation on 18 greens can now be done in hours, not days – and at any warm time throughout the season, for successful germination