Select-A-Vibe Solutions

  • Gently firming up new greens
  • Regular rolling every week
  • Pre-competition rolling for maximum green speed
  • Truing-up after aeration
  • Follow greens contours – just like mowers do
  • Easy and quick to use and transport across greens
  • Vibrate in top-dressing without bridging over coring holes
  • The most user/operator friendly roller available!
  • Roll straight stripes that match your mowing width
  • Forward facing driving for safety




It is not just the fact that Select-A-Vibe rollers produce measurably smoother and faster greens than other types of rollers that makes them the best choice. They are the logical choice in every way. They are faster in use than other rollers, because they cover a full 1.5m (5’) width. Their three individual 22” units follow contours, just like your mower does. And you drive them facing straight ahead, which means they leave straight stripes behind, and give you the assurance that all levels of staff can use them safely.

And they are so easy to use! You don’t have to sit sideways and screw your neck back and forth as you zigzag from side to side across the green. You don’t struggle for traction on wet slopes. And you don’t have to hitch up to a utility vehicle to drive from one green to the next. Nor do you have to buy petrol for them, because they operate on your diesel greensmower. On top of which you can also do so many other tasks with them because of their unique variable vibratory action... There is nothing like a combination of drag brushing and vibratory rolling for filling your coring holes. And by getting the topdressing further down into the surface, you stop it blunting your mower’s blades as much, dramatically reducing downtime and regrinding costs.

For Consistently Fast Greens

Do all your greens stimp at the same speed? They can do! The Select-A-Vibe rollers give you a unique advantage over any nonvibratory type of roller, in that their vibratory action enables you to even out speed inconsistencies between greens. By varying your speed of travel as you are rolling different greens, you can vary the vibrations per metre that you apply to each, and hence the effect. Thus by rolling at a slower speed on a slow green, and faster on a fast green, the greenspeeds of both can be equalised. Wouldn’t your golfers like that?

Only Select-A-Vibes can do all this for you...

Vibration Power Levels

  • 1 Establishing New Greens
  • 2 Regular Rolling
  • 3 Pre-Competition Rolling
  • 4 Trueing Up After Aeration
  • 5 Vibrating-inTopdressing

These suggested power levels are a starting point from which you can experiment and find the optimum settings to suit your particular greens conditions.

Power Levels

Select-A-Vibe Features

  • Three individual 22” roller units
  • Follow your greens’ contours just like your mowers do
  • Roll straight stripes that match your mowing width
  • Quick to use and to transport from green to green
  • Vibrate-in topdressing without bridging over coring holes
  • The most operator-friendly greens roller available

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