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Micro-Core aeration - the solution for irate golfers?

Although some golfers may seem reluctant to believe it, aeration is critical to healthy turf.  Here is a brief explanation for your members of the benefits, and how the latest equipment is making this process quicker, easier, and less disruptive tha... Read More

Top Tips For Saving Cost When Overseeding Golf Greens

Fine turf grass seed prices are at an all-time high, having risen by approximately 30% between 2021 to 2022 - but don't stop overseeding your greens - here are our Top Tips for saving money when overseeding your greens. Read More

Don’t just groom – micro groom!

GreenTek’s new turf improvement technology – the Micro-Groomer – is the latest addition to the Thatch-Away Supa-System range, and it is helping create smoother, faster greens like never before.  Read More

Interview with Scott Turner

Having started my career at an agricultural and horticultural dealership, I have always had a passion for machinery. Read More

Dyna-Seeders put life back into vandalized greens

When vandals sprayed thirteen of Linlithgow Golf Club’s greens with weedkiller, Course Manager Phil Montgomery had to take drastic remedial action. In what was clearly a carefully planned attack, the quad bike sprayer left a devastating trail of d... Read More