Mega-Mix Solutions

  • Save up to 90% compared with using liquid concentrate
  • Save time by spraying whilst the next load mixes
  • Minimises sprayer blockages and pump wear with fully dissolved granules




With the rising cost of liquid concentrate, mixing your own feed from soluble straights can be up to 90% cheaper. But the traditional way of doing this is time consuming and messy, and risks blocking your sprayer jets if not thoroughly mixed.

The brand-new Mega-Mix fertiliser mixing station from GreenTek provides a fast, economical way for greenkeepers to mix their own feed. Mega-Mix enables soluble straights of NPK, Sulphate of Iron, Sulphate of Ammonia etc to be thoroughly mixed without needing to use hot water, and avoids messy straining. Instead, you can thoroughly mix up to 1,200 litres in the tank, using only cold water. The high-capacity pump transfers the solution through the filter unit and into your sprayer in just minutes. Then the next load can be mixing whilst you are out spraying the first. Save hours of messy work and hundreds or even thousands of pounds per year by mixing your own solutions with Mega-Mix.

Mega-Mix Features

  • High capacity 1200 litre tank
  • Fills and mixes unattended with auto shut-off filler hose
  • 5hp Honda engine with high capacity pump
  • High volume hose with integral filter unit to prevent blocked nozzles
  • Safe pouring height
  • Upper and lower agitator jets
  • Cold water mixing – no need to use hot water

Mega-Mix Specification

Mega-Mix Tank capacity Pump
  1200 litre Standard: 5hp Honda engine with 750 litre per minute 4 bar

Mega-Mix Gallery

“It only takes 3 minutes to fill our 750-litre sprayer instead of 35 minutes with a hose pipe!”

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