Why brush?...



The big benefit of brushing-in topdressing, as opposed to rubbing it in with a metal dragmat, is that the brush bristles quickly work the topdressing down between the blades of grass, right into the surface.

On the other hand, the design of a metal dragmat means that it tends to scrape the material across the surface and therefore can require more passes to thoroughly rub it in.

Another big benefit of the Greens Groomer is that its multiple zigzag brushes move the topdressing sideways as well as forwards, and it is therefore especially effective at filling Hollow Coring holes without scuffing or bruising the turf.

As well as the standard 6' (1.8m) width, there is also a 12' (3.6m) width for brushing larger greens plus fairways in the fastest time.

The GreensGroomer is also the most superbly effective tool for maintaining 3G synthetic pitches. When fitted with the triple rake and brush attachment it levels out the rubber crumb fill, then lifts the grass fibres upright through it, then grooms a smart true surface to play on. A synthetic pitch is a big investment, so it pays to use the best equipment available to prolong its life.


  • Lifts grass for a clean-cut smooth textured surface

  • Greens back in play sooner

  • Removes dew before play

  • Easy to fit, quick to use

  • Brushes-in topdressing sand - wet or dry!

  • Rear rake and brush attachment for maintaining 3G synthetic pitches

  • Drawbar position can be easily reversed to extend brush life



Uploaded Image Fills coring holes full.



Uploaded Image

A dragmat tends to scrape the topdressing across the surface. 



Uploaded Image

The Greens Groomer works the sand down into the surface between the blades of grass.



  • Lifts grass for a clean-cut smooth textured surface 
  • Greens are back in play sooner 
  • Removes dew before play 
  • Easy to fit 
  • Quick to use 
  • Brushes in topdressing sand – wet or dry! 
 Working Width 1.8m (6') (Optional extension wings give 3.6m (2') working width
 Length 1.2m (4'), 4 rows of angled brushes
 Weight 118kg (Electric lift version)
 Reversible to compensate for brush wear 
Available with electric wheel lift to 3pt mounted for compact tractors
Soft or firm brushes available to suit different job applications
Full range of synthetic turf management attachments available


5 Year WarrantyFrom 2020, all GreenTek products are covered by 5 years parts and labour warranty for commercial use and a 3 month warranty for hire use.

This is a genuine ‘bumper to bumper’ warranty and includes everything except components subject to fair wear and tear such as blades, brushes, belts, bearings, drive splines etc. and also damage caused by corrosion, abuse or lack of maintenance.