Thatch-Away Topdressing-Brush Solutions

  • Triplex mounted topdressing brushes for fast and manoeuvrable brushing-in
  • Stand up grass or remove dew before mowing
  • Closely follows contours


The Topdressing Brush Cassettes follow the contours of your greens to evenly brush-in your topdressing without scraping it off the crowns and dumping it in the hollows like a drag mat does. They are also ideal for standing up the grass before you mow to achieve an extra clean cut and obtain the fastest ball roll.


Thatch-Away Topdressing-Brush Features

Thatch-Away Topdressing-Brush
  • Evenly brushes in topdressing
  • Disperses dew and moisture to reduce risk of fungal disease
  • Use before mowing to stand the sward up for a cleaner cut
  • Fits to your triplex mower in seconds with Thatch-Away, the world’s no.1 greens care system

Thatch-Away Topdressing-Brush Specification

Topdressing Brush Weight: 10kg

Thatch-Away Topdressing-Brush Downloads

Thatch-Away Topdressing-Brush Gallery

"The concept of these brushes pushing and not pulling is great. They are so simple to fit and so easy to use. I’ve not seen my topdressing disappear on the greens so fast before.”


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