How fast can you hollow core your greens?

Date: 03/04/15

How fast can you hollow core your greens?


Have you heard how fast and clean our GreenTek Dyna-Corer works?

Here are the facts:

  • It only takes approximately 4-5 hours to micro core 18 greens
  • During this time approximately 20 million cores have been pulled up to 25 mm/1″ deep
  • All these plugs equal a theoretical volume of 16 cubic meter (18 cubic Yard)
  • Dyna-corers can be fitted with solid tines and used during play on your greens triple with no disruption.  Many golfers would think you are only mowing with your greens triple!
  • Dyna-corers have a unique built in core collector, which leaves the surface clean and playable

Impressive, don’t you think?   Watch the video

GreenTek Dyna Corer in action

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