GreenTek agrees Spanish distribution deal with Agronimer

Date: 09/06/17

GreenTek agrees Spanish distribution deal with Agronimer


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We’re delighted to announce a new partnership with Agronimer to begin distribution of GreenTek products in Spain.

Based in Murcia, Spain, Agronimer has been John Deere’s official dealership for more than 45 years.

Their five dealer centres cover up to one third of the Spanish territory.

The deal highlights GreenTek’s ongoing commitment to provide quality turf maintenance solutions across the world, as we now have over 50 global distributors across mainland Europe, USA, Japan, Australia and beyond.

“The coming together of John Deere and GreenTek via Agronimer is a natural fit as all parties are market-leaders that offer the highest quality greens management solutions,” explains Mike Stott, GreenTek’s Global Sales Manager.

“We are really pleased to offer the Spanish market our world-renowned GreenTek products, such as the Thatch-Away Supa-System and Sarel Rollers.”

“Greenskeepers in Spain can now expect the best innovations on the market, from verticutting, rolling, aerating, grooming, brushing or spiking, we have responsive solutions to cover everything.”

Fairway Groomer John Deere

Sarel Roller John Deere

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