For Vigorous Roots and Growth

To prune the grass roots stimulating vigorous new growth, and to enable air to penetrate even deeper into the root zone allowing gas exchange to take place, the Deep Slicer Cassettes cut continuous 20mm deep slits in the green.

The specially designed blades remove no material, and therefore the surface is left virtually unmarked and immediately playable.

Deep Slicer Cassettes Films




  • Enables vigorous root and plant growth 
  • Aids exchange of gases and nutrients 
  • Minimal disruption and immediately playable 
  • 45mm spacing
  • Max working depth 20mm

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5 Year Warranty5 Years Warranty

This is a genuine ‘bumper to bumper’ warranty and includes everything except components subject to fair wear and tear such as blades, brushes, belts, bearings, drive splines etc. and also damage caused by corrosion, abuse or lack of maintenance.