Save time changing cassettes

There are many Golf Courses investing in additional sets of Thatch-Away chassis to keep up with the pace of maintenance required in the short time slots available  and minimise out of play time. With extra sets of Thatch-Away chassis you can have 2 (or more)triplex mowers working together to speed up these tasks dramatically.

It can also save time changing cassettes and altering working depths if you have a set of chassis dedicated to a certain cassette.


  • Use more than one triple mower to perform multiple tasks 
  • Keep different units set up for a specific job 
  • Opening chassis accepts all ThatchAway cassettes
  • Fitting kits available for most Greens Triple mowers

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5 Year Warranty5 Years Warranty

This is a genuine ‘bumper to bumper’ warranty and includes everything except components subject to fair wear and tear such as blades, brushes, belts, bearings, drive splines etc. and also damage caused by corrosion, abuse or lack of maintenance.