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Brian Dunne

Thatch-Away units - one of our best purchases for sure!

I've been using GreenTek’s Thatch-Away units on my greens in Adare for the past 10 years.

I go out every year from April to October every 3 weeks with the units on our second John Deere 2500E Greens mower and the results speak for themselves - true fast greens throughout!

With the advantage of the tungsten tip the units leave a lovely smooth finish on the surface as the thatch layer is reduced over time which also increases my greens speed.

Very effective for regular thatch control, one of our best purchases for sure!

Brian Dunne, Head Greenkeeper - Adare Manor Old Course, South of Ireland

Red Letter Day Prize Draw

Red Letter Day Prize Draw

Ian Morris Head Groundsman at Ellesmere College in Shropshire was the lucky winner of our February Prize Draw. He is seen here receiving his £250 Red Letter Day voucher form Mike Stott, GreenTek’s Sales Manager.

Well done Ian, enjoy your experience day!

Rob Spaven of Richmond Golf Club

Rob Spaven of Richmond Golf Club tells us about his Maxi-Brush

Why did you want the GreenTek Maxi-Brush?

I wanted this brush for two reasons: Firstly, to help remove wormcasts, and secondly to remove dew to help with dry cuts and to get a better quality of cut with less grass clippings.

How often do you use the Maxi-Brush?

If there’s a dew I’ll use it every morning, as part of our ‘wall to wall’ dew removal.

What are the Maxi-Brush’s best features?

I love this kit for its simplicity and its large size. It’s really easy to use. And because it spans 5.4 metres it’s amazing how much coverage I get and how much time I save.

How much time do you actually save using the Maxi-Brush?

An amazing amount - it saves me probably 4-5 hours every single day! Whereas previously it took me all day to brush the course using a small brush, with the Maxi-Brush I can complete the entire course in just 3 or 4 hours.

Would you recommend the Maxi-Brush?

Absolutely. If you want an easy-to-use, high performing brush that saves you time removing wormcasts and dew, this is the one to get.

Thatch-Away Micro-Groomers

See the revolutionary NEW Thatch-Away Micro-Groomers at BTME!

Visit the BTME show on 22nd to 25th March and see GreenTek’s latest innovation, the Thatch-Away Micro-Groomers.

Until now, vertigrooming attachments have commonly been fitted as an extra onto mowing units. These add considerable weight and cost to the units, and tend to be very expensive to keep maintained.

Now with the introduction of the new Thatch-Away Micro-Groomers, all that weight and complexity can be removed from the mowing units, enabling them to mow at their best.

Instead, the Thatch-Away Micro-Groomers can be used just whenever you need them, to create the perfectly fine, lean, and fast surface that golfers are looking for. They have 210 ultra-thin spring steel blades with 2310 minute 1mm tungsten carbide tips that will give a vastly sharper cleaner grooming cut.

And like other Thatch-Away products you can expect them to last up to 20+ years. Think of the saving that will make every time you buy a new greensmower, and what else that budget can be better used for!

Welcome to Scott Turner

Welcome to Scott Turner

We are pleased to welcome Scott Turner to the GreenTek team as our new Regional Sales Manager covering the South of England. Scott is based in Northampton and is looking forward to supporting our dealer network, and meeting the many users of GreenTek equipment in his territory. Find out more about Scott in this interview...

Masons Kings Demo Day a great success

Masons Kings Demo Day a great success

Masons Kings held a Demo Day at Trevose Golf Club on March 15th. They put on and excellent line-up of the latest John Deere tractors and greensmowers, all fitted up with GreenTek attachments. Visiting greenkeepers were treated to bacon rolls and coffee, then could see and try out the equipment. Many thanks to all the greenkeepers who visited, and to Masons Kings and Trevose Golf Club for hosting this event.

Welcome to Jeff Anguige

Welcome to Jeff Anguige

We are delighted to welcome Jeff Anguige to the GreenTek team, in the role of Business Development Director. Jeff is well known within the industry and brings with him 46 years of turf industry experience. He will have responsibility for managing the GreenTek business, reporting directly to the board, and his brief is to increase the global market penetration of our range of ever-popular turf improvement equipment. Jeff is looking forward to meeting all our dealers and providing a superior level of dealer support and marketing.


Dyna-Corers on demo

Dyna-Corers on demo

The Dyna-Corer units are always a pleasure to demonstrate, and never fail to impress with their rapid coverage and clean finish.

A scorching Festival of Turf

A scorching Festival of Turf

GreenTek fielded an extensive range of equipment at the Festival of Turf, and the sales team were delighted to meet face to face with customers old and new, for the first time in many months!

Headingley well impressed with their Maxi-Brush

Headingley well impressed with their Maxi-Brush

Andy Stanger, Course Manager at Headingly Golf Club in Leeds is a long-term fan of the GreenTek Maxi-Brush. For him, not only is it is the best brush he has ever used for topdressing, but it will also fold out to 5.4m for fairway brushing. And the big bonus is that the brushes can all be quickly uncoupled and a Sarel-Roller drum fitted instead to the same frame.


Dyna-Seeder on demo

Dave Searles of Farol Ltd skilfully demonstrating just how quick and easy the Dyna-Seeder units are to use.


Greens-Groomer in Dubai

Delta Turf Care, GreenTek’s distributor in UAE, demonstrating the amazing job that the Greens-Groomer does of putting away a heavy sand topdressing and fully filling the core holes. The Greens-Groomers static zig-zag brushes are ideal for brushing in heavy topdressings without bruising the turf in Dubai’s scorching climate.


Houdini would be impressed!

The famed contortionist and escape artist would have been impressed to see the way that this Multi-Brush, being demonstrated by dealer Masons Kings, is articulating itself to follow these extreme contours on a Cornish course.

Double-Quick aerator for Maldon Golf Club

Double-Quick aerator for Maldon Golf Club

Josh Thorley at Malden Golf Club taking delivery of his new 8ft Double-Quick Deep Slitter from Dave Searles of Farol Ltd. That is one seriously productive piece of aeration equipment!


"We chose the Greentek Turf-Conditioner because of its ability to follow the contours and undulations on our fairways without any hassle. We have been using it on the fairways since March and have seen some great results already within the sward and surface quality. We have 8 hectares of fairways and we complete the whole golf course within 4 hours. I'm looking forward to also using in our long eco rough, to thin the sward and still leave the long wispy grasses. The versatility and quickness of use is excellent and I would recommend any club to invest in one for their course."

Josh Thorley, Golf course manager, Malden Golf Club


Hexham’s success with Dyna-Seeders

David Thompson, Head Greenkeeper at Hexham Golf Club, posted this great picture taken 12 days after he had overseeded with his Dyna-Seeders. The fresh new shoots of bent are clearly visible within the turf surface. David has been a Dyna-Seeder user for several years and says he always gets a great strike from them.


Prestonfield impressed with Groomer/Poa-Busters

Prestonfield Golf Club is a stunning James Braid designed course, in the heart of Edinburgh city centre. These photos show the results of using the Thatch-away Groomer/Poa-Buster cassettes to thin out the surfaces in preparation for their recent Championship Week.


June Photo of the Month – Linlithgow Golf Club

This superb photo from Phil Montgomery, Head Greenkeeper at Linlithgow Golf Club, shows the amazingly precise sowing and germination that can be achieved with the Dyna-Seeder units. A box of GreenTek goodies goes to Phil and his greenkeeping team.

Keep sending us your best photos – you may be next month’s winner!

Photo of the Month Award

Photo of the Month Award

We get some stunning photos sent to us by users of GreenTek equipment, so we have decided to recognise that with a monthly award.

Each month we will be picking a winner of our “Photo of the Month Award” who will receive a box of GreenTek goodies to share with their team.

Please send you photos to – you never know, you could be a winner!

May Photo of the Month

May Photo of the Month

The greens team at Worsley Golf Club took this superb photo of their Maxi-Brush dispersing the morning dew off their greens. At 5.4m working width it only takes a few passes per green, much quicker and easier than switching by hand!

A box of GreenTek goodies is on its way to the Worsley Greens Team!

Festival of Turf

BIGGA is delighted to reveal that GreenTek has pledged its support for this July's Festival of Turf by reserving a massive 300m2 stand.


Turf-Conditioner Domos "outstanding!"

The new Turf-Conditioner 12 is really impressing greenkeepers and groundsmen with it’s outstanding ability to remove thatch and to stand up the grass for a cleaner cut. This video of a recent demo shows the excellent quality of cut obtained by mowing directly after the Turf-Conditioner.

To book your free demo, please call us on 0113 267 7000.

Masons Kings

Masons Kings appointed as Key Dealer for South West

A virtual fist bump from Ross Fairgreave and Elliot Prior, Sales Manager of Masons Kings who are GreenTek's newly appointed Key Dealer for Devon, Cornwall and Somerset. Masons Kings are busy promoting the GreenTek range, so give Elliot a call on 07910 571168 if you would like him to arrange a demo for you anywhere within this area.


Merlin Golf Club’s new Greens-Groomer

David Barnes of Masons Kings with Rob, Head Greenkeeper at Merlin Golf Club and their new Greens-Groomer brush. The Greens-Groomer is very quick to use, and has 16 separate zig zag brushes which makes it exceptionally effective for working topdressing into coring holes.


Rhyl invest in a Turf Conditioner

Rhyl Golf Club, North Wales recently took delivery of this Turf Conditioner 6 from their local dealer Ted Hopkins. The Turf Conditioner has three rows of adjustable rakes plus a rear brush, to thoroughly dethatch and groom the turf.

DS Muckhart

Dyna-Seeders for Muckhart

Paul Wilkie of Muckhart Golf Club with his new Dyna-Seeder units. They will enable him to overseed with fescue or bent as desired, at rates as low as 5gsm

After the Lockdown is over… Join us at the Festival of Turf!

21 – 22 July 2021

Double Quick

Double-Quick aeration at Prestwick St Cuthberts

Stephen McBlain, Course Manger at Prestwick St Cuthberts Golf Club, Ayrshire, receiving their new Double-Quick Aerator with Deep Slitter, Hollow Corer, and Rear Roller attachments, plus a Maxi-Brush for their greens and fairways.

Turf  Conditioner

New Turf-Conditioner 12 on demo

Ross Fairgreave, GreenTek’s Scottish Business Development Manager, sent in these pictures of a recent demonstration. Not sure whether he is most proud of the Turf-Conditioner 12, the moss it pulled out, or his shiny new pickup truck!

Anyway, thanks for the great photos Ross!

Royal Jersey

Royal Jersey demo Poa Buster/Groomer cassettes

Royal Jersey Golf Club recently had a demonstration of the Thatch-Away Poa Buster/Groomer cassettes. These have tungsten tipped blades which cut at just 5mm spacings to thin out coarser grasses like Poa Annua. This gives the turf a finer texture, and a faster ball roll. They can also thin out invasive weeds like parsley, as shown, which is a resilient weed that can survive even very close mowing.

Chris Powell

This is Chris Powell from St Clements Golf Club in Jersey unpacking his Thatch Away units plus Scarifier and Greens Roller cassettes.


Spring is here!

Dan Kendle, Course Manager at Newquay Golf Club sent in this picture of them using their Green Groomer topdressing brush. That weather…!

Do YOU have a photo you would like to share with other GreenTek users?

Please send it to

Sandiway brush

Sunset over Whitley Bay Golf Club

Mark Hollingsworth, Head GreenKeeper at Whitley Bay, demonstrated his amazing photographic talent once again by snapping this beautiful picture of the sun setting behind his Multi-Brush.

Thanks for sending it in Mark!

The brush is fantastic. We would definitely recommend as a tool to help manage wormcasts and improving cut quality. The big width has all fairways covered in just a couple of hours.

Rick, Course Manager, Sandiway Golf Club

Sandiway brush

John Guthrie, Head Greenkeeper at Duddingston golf club, Edinburgh, with the new Aero-Quick aerator he recently purchased for his greens and fairways after a successful demonstration by Double A Trading of Cupar.

Uploaded Image


Demonstration by Greg Butler of Nairn Brown (now Double A Trading) of the Select-A-Vibe rollers to Falkirk Golf Club, who then purchased them. These roller units have adjustable vibration levels which enable them to do a whole range of greens maintenance tasks from increasing greens speed, to vibrating-in topdressing. Note how the topdressing sand is vibrated down to the bottom of the coring holes, instead of just bridging across the top.

Uploaded Image

Ronnie Montgomery - Head Greenkeeper at Loudon Golf Club, Ayrshire looking VERY pleased with his new FREE Thatch-Away Storage Rack!

Loudon have had Thatch-Aways for a number of years, but were blown away with a recent demonstration of the Scarifier cassettes by Derek Scott of Double A West.  They went on to place an order for Scarifers, Sarel Rollers, Star Slitters, and Greens Roller cassettes, and got this Storage Rack free to boot!


Superb video by Mark Hollingsworth of Whitley Bay Golf Club of the Thatch-Away verticutters on demonstration, fitted to his John Deere 2500A greensmower.

Multi-Brush in action

Great photos of the Multi-Brush in action from Mark Hollingsworth, the recently appointed Head Greenkeeper at Whitley Bay Golf Club, Northumberland.  Thank you Mark!


Wow - Look at all that thatch! GreenTek’s dealer Double A – West (formerly Nairn Brown) demonstrating the Thatch-Away verticutters to Strathaven Golf Club


Ross Fairgrieve of GreenTek and Greg Butler from Nairn Brown (now Double A) about to demonstrate the Greens Groomer 12 with optional rear rakes on a 3G synthetic pitch for North Lanark Leisure. They purchased this machine due to its versatility on both natural and synthetic turf, which made it ideal for maintaining their two golf courses plus the schools in their area.

Geese Dropping

Unusual but true! Machrie Golf Club purchased this Multi-Brush to disperse geese droppings off their fairways!

Eazy Load Trailers

Ross Fairgrieve, GreenTek’s Territory Manager for Scotland and Northern England, proudly standing by two Easy-Load trailers he has just sold to Hamilton Golf Club.

Any suggestions for the best way of removing pine needles from greens?

Frustrated Greenkeeper, Essex

Just a quick thank you. Ordered a part Monday, delivered Tuesday, fitted Wednesday - that was the slow part!!!! Great service thank you. Always a pleasure to deal with Greentek.

Thank you and regards Chris Harwood, Hurstmere School