Voice of a Greenkeeper: September tips

Date: 03/09/18

Voice of a Greenkeeper: September tips


After a very difficult year with a wet start followed by a drought, we move into the end of the main golf season and our thoughts now turn to renovation work and preparing the course for autumn.

This has never been so relevant as it is this year following the extreme dry conditions, which have caused problems on tees, fairways and greens with grass loss from heat and drought stress.

This needs to be addressed now to aid recovery before temperatures drop and reduced sunlight hours moving into autumn.

Over the last few years with the change in climatic conditions we have seen, September is an excellent time for any seeding work with moisture and good temperatures giving excellent germination.

The use of the Dyna-Seeder is a fantastic way to seed with a good seed soil contact. You could also look at doing a double pass with the GreenTek Sarel Rollerunits or Thatch-Away cassettes to create seed beds for seed to sit in before topdressing.


During this time, we expect temperatures to be falling and dews to be increasing. Fusarium seems to be appearing regularly with the climatic conditions through this period.

Good practice during this time is to avoid using high nitrogen feeds, keep the surface as dry as possible with aeration, brushing and dew dispersants, remove dew and get a good clean cut – all are very important to reduce the chance of outbreaks.

It is time to make sure all your maintenance machines are in good order. Do they need repairing or replacing as you plan your program for the next few months?

Speak to Rick in the GreenTek Spare Parts team to chat through your upgrade or replacement part options:

0113 267 7000


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