Voice of a Greenkeeper: September 2019 Tips

Date: 11/09/19

As we move out of August into September the weather has been more favourable these last few weeks, which has helped with the recovery of the renovation work that a lot of people now seem to be doing during August.

We are now heading towards the end of the main golf season where we will see comps reducing, and finals days taking place at a lot of clubs. Towards the end of this month our thoughts turn to autumn renovation work, course development projects, and preparing the course for winter.

This time of the year will see worm activity hampering cutting and course presentation. The GreenTek MultiBrush and MaxiBrush fairway brushes are excellent for dispersing the worm casts when dry, or removing dew before cutting giving a cleaner dryer cut.

MaxiBrush is ideal for wormcast dispersal

Dyna-Seeder provides quick accurate overseeding

The leaves will soon be starting to fall to add to the list of Jobs over the coming months.

Over the last few years the change in climatic conditions has seen September as an excellent time for  seeding work, with moisture content and good temperatures giving excellent germination.

The use of the GreenTek Dyna-Seeder is a fantastic way to seed with a good seed soil contact.  You could also look at doing a double pass with the Sarel Roller units or Thatch-Aways to create seed beds for seed to sit in before topdressing.  Vibrating rollers will help to work sand in and improve surface smoothness.

Sarel Roller keeps surfaces open

Ready for overseeding, topdressing and brushing in well!

During this period, temperatures will remain warm at times, with overnight dews increasing the chance of disease outbreaks.

Good practice during this time is to avoid using high nitrogen feeds, and to keep the surface as dry as possible with swishing, brushing and dew dispersants. It has been said that rolling can help against disease, also a good clean cut is very important.

It is time to make sure all your maintenance machines are in good order and a good plan is in place for your aeration and winter work program through autumn and winter.

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