Voice of a Greenkeeper: March Tips

Date: 09/03/20

Well here we are, March already, and for some the effects of the wettest February on record are still causing problems.

As we look to start moving things forward for spring and the beginning of the golf season, we are faced with some of the wettest ground conditions we have experienced for a long time.

We must remember that works carried out are only beneficial if done in the correct conditions, so just think about what you have planned over the next few weeks.

Speak to the club and explain the benefits of doing the jobs in the correct conditions.  It may be worth moving to another date if possible, rather than do more damage now.

March and April are crucial months for you to start to produce the course for the season.

The majority of clubs will have been hit over the last few months with loss of income and members not coming to the club.  You must get the club to see that the course is the biggest source of income for the majority of private members clubs, and they must not cut the resources to the point that it will be detrimental to the condition of the playing surfaces.

Keep an eye open for disease as the slightly higher temperatures with the wet conditions will see some high disease pressure. Keep removing dew through the periods when you are unable to get on the greens.

Some aeration is key to keeping surfaces open and oxygenated, but as mentioned only if ground conditions allow.

Using Thatch-Away Sarel Roller cassettes on the greens, and the Multi-Sarel on the fairways will prevent surface sealing to allow free drainage, and provide entry for air and nutrients.

Sarel Rollers for greens and fairways provide entry for air, water, and nutrients

Sarel Roller

Sarel Roller

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