Voice of a Greenkeeper: January Tips

Date: 08/01/20

After last year’s very wet autumn, we were treated to a dry spell over Christmas that has given us some much needed revenue, and the chance to get a bit of cutting done to tidy up the courses

It is time now to start the new year by planning your work programs, finalising fixture lists, and looking at new products to use this year.

You may still have some winter projects, tree work, or construction to complete, weather permitting.  These need to be prioritised to the conditions and time available, to get the jobs done ready for next season.

The usual tasks of keeping the course tidy, picking up debris, moving ropes and hoops to control wear on traffic routes, and managing the use of trollies and buggies during wet ground conditions is essential to minimise wear on traffic routes.

Keeping the dew off during this time is so important with short daylight hours and some low-lying mist.  Some days there will be very little wind or sunlight to help burn it off, so you can knock off the dew with a light brush and/or sarel roller.

This can help to reduce the risk of disease through this period if conditions become warmer.

The fixtures for next year may be in progress, but did they leave space in the calendar for course maintenance? It  is good for the greenkeeper to be involved with putting the fixture list together so that this can be integrated.

As we now move through January we look forward BTME in Harrogate.  The show is well worth a visit for the excellent education opportunities, and looking at all the new products and machines, whilst networking and socialising a little over the 3 days.

Pop and see the GreenTek team in Red Hall South, Stand 200.  We will have the massive 5.4m Multi-Sarel Roller on display – a unique tool for dispersing dew and enhancing moisture penetration on sealed fairways.

Multi Sarel

After BTME, it will be time to take the ideas and our enthusiasm out on to the course to start to prepare for the 2020 season.

I wish you all the best for 2020.  Let's hope we have a great year and some favourable weather!

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