Voice of a Greenkeeper: December tips

Date: 03/12/18

Voice of a Greenkeeper: December tips


The end of a very difficult year and the start of a new one.

It’s a time for tying up loose ends from this year and planning for next season.

A time to reflect on what happened this year; what can be done to improve working practices or results through the year?

Winter work will be underway, whether it is tree felling or construction work weather permitting, planning works to prioritize the projects we are undertaking to the conditions and time available for us to get the job done for next season.

As usual there is work to keep the course tidy: picking up debris, leaves, twigs etc, moving ropes and hoops to control wear on traffic routes whilst controlling trolleys and buggies with wet ground conditions to minimize damage.

Keeping the dew off during this time is so important with short daylight hours and some low-lying mist with dew returning after clearing some days. There is very little wind or sunlight to help burn it off so it may be a good idea as we cover the Christmas period with reduced staff or man hours to look at applying some dew dispersant to keep the dew off and in some cases reduce a heavy dew that can then freeze to form frost.

Keeping the leaves as dry as possible will help against outbreaks of disease throughout this period if conditions become warmer.

As we move into January you may have some time to sort out some machinery maintenance, improvements in the shed, some course furniture renovations, or health and safety reviews and updates.

The fixtures for next year will no doubt be in progress, but did they leave space in the calendar for maintenance? It is important for everyone to know when you are looking to do your maintenance during the year, so it is good to be involved with putting the fixture list together during this time.

This may also be a good time to note the location of poorly drained areas where some form of drainage work will be necessary during drier weather and ground conditions.

Before we know it BTME will be here! This Harrogate expo is well worth a visit for excellent educational opportunities, researching at all the new products and machines, and networking and socializing over the three days.

After BTME we are coming to the end of January where we will be looking to order our products and planning to start the season as the course comes out of winter towards spring.

So that’s it for this year.

Remember, Christmas is a time for families. Please make sure you make the time to enjoy some quality family time with your loved ones.

All the best for the festive period and a successful 2019!

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