Voice of a Greenkeeper: April tips

Date: 03/04/18

Voice of a Greenkeeper: April tips


Most courses and greenkeepers will have had differing results with their spring renovations following the recent variations in conditions throughout the country.

With the Beast from the East having as many sequels as Die Hard through March, and knowing that we’ve been hit with snow and freezing weather in April on many occasions in the past, we must bear this in mind as we move the course forward.

The clocks springing forward, giving an hour more sunlight at the end of the day when temperatures should be a bit higher, we hope to see some growth as the plant starts to photosynthesize.

Just be careful not to cut too low and reduce the energy the plant can uptake through this process.

We must try not to push too much nitrogen that will encourage soft growth.

Some potassium will help the plant uptake water from the soil. Fluvic will help the plant uptake nutrient, oxygen and help to give the soil biology a kick start.

Continue with aeration, encouraging new root growth, whilst helping the movement of air and water.
Topdressing will help reinstate the surface.

Some light scarification to remove some moss, and letting the sward breathe would be good on greens, tees and fairways.

We will now see competitions and visitors increasing looking to play on the best surfaces as we move through April into May.

But we must be mindful of the conditions and not try to push too hard too soon.

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