Rick’s Tips: 7 step program to get ready for spring

Date: 01/11/18

After another year’s hard work the course maintenance equipment will be getting a well earned break.

But how about some well deserved maintenance and TLC too?

Why not use this quieter time of year to thoroughly check over your GreenTek machinery and overhaul it ready for another busy season in just a few months time?

Follow our 7 step program to be ready for spring!

  1. Carefully clean and inspect all your machines
  2. Contact GreenTek for any spare parts you need or technical advice if you are unsure
  3. Carry out any repair and servicing work
  4. Coat bare metal parts such as blades and rollers with protective oil to stop rusting
  5. Grease or oil all lubrication parts
  6. Store your units where it is dry and off the ground
  7. Then you are all ready for the new season to start!

We have spares in stock for all GreenTek machines including:

  • Thatch-Away
  • True-Surface
  • Dynamics seeders, corers & spikers
  • DoubleQuick & AeroQuick
  • GreensGroomer
  • MaxiBrush & MultiBrush
  • Sarel Roller
  • Fairway Groomer
  • Bunker Drainer

Contact us for Spare Parts and Technical

0113 267 7000 

Click here to view manuals and parts lists.

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