Rick’s Tips: 10% discount on full tine sets!

Date: 03/10/18

A long dry summer has left hard compacted soil and the wet winter days are coming!

Will your aeration equipment get through the compacted soil to break it up and help it drain freely, preventing soggy patches or flooding?

How worn are your slitter tines? Do they look like the ones in this image, or have they worn shorter, thinner and blunter?

Due to the corrosive nature of soils, tines do wear and it is important to check that they are long enough to reach the required depth.

Also, check the bearings (and replace if worn) and grease them regularly, check all nuts and bolts are tight, guards are fitted so you will be able to aerate your turf hassle free and get the best results!

Contact Rick if you are not sure on 0113 267 7000 or email a photo of them to spares@greentek.uk.com

We have spare tines in stock for all GreenTek machines, including:

– Double-Quick
– Aero-Quick
– Sarel Rollers
– DynaCorers
– DynaSpikers
– Thatch-Away

To help you, we are offering 10% DISCOUNT on full sets of GreenTek tines purchased this year quoting ref AER2018!



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