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Non-chemical solutions for fusarium and worm casts

Two turf problems that have traditionally been treated by chemicals are worm casts and fungal diseases such as Fusarium Patch, Dollar Spot, Anthracnose, and Brown patch Read More

Voice of a GreenKeeper - April 2020

March started off a bit dryer with some lower temperatures then progressed to see some good spring like days through the month. Now coming into April we have been treated to some lovely sunny days but with a few crisp mornings. Read More

What is thatch and how to deal with it

As we discuss elsewhere, thatch is the number one enemy of putting greens and sports pitches across the country, making surfaces soft and spongy when wet and quickly killing grass during prolonged dry spells. Read More

The benefits of aerating grassed areas

One of the most important things to remember about your grassed areas, whether they are greens, tees, fairways, or football pitches, is that grass roots don’t grow in soil. Read More

Voice of a Greenkeeper: March Tips

As we look to start moving things forward for spring and the beginning of the golf season, we are faced with some of the wettest ground. Read More