GreenTek’s new solution for nap and thatch on fairways

Date: 01/07/21

Improving the health and presentation of fairway turf is becoming an increasingly high priority for many golf clubs. With the vast improvement in greens turf in recent years, it is not surprising that golfers are now becoming increasingly demanding about the condition of the fairways.

Many courses are limited in their options for mowing in different directions on their approaches and surrounds, or even their fairways. This can result in the grass developing a nap, and consequently an uneven cut.  GreenTek’s new Turf-Conditioner 12 is excellent for lifting the grass before mowing to overcome this problem, and is already gaining rave reviews from delighted users.

At a demonstration on a course where their policy of mowing the fairways 50/50 for economy had resulted in a nap problem, the Head Greenkeeper said, “I’ll ask you the question that every Head Greenkeeper should be asking – how much is it, and when can I have one?”

The benefits of the Turf-Conditioner are numerous. Not only is nap lifted and thatch effectively removed, but better air circulation is provided around the grass plant which helps to minimize the conditions for fungal disease.

Josh Thurley, Golf Course Manager at Malden Golf Club says, “We chose the GreenTek Turf-Conditioner because of its ability to follow the contours and undulations on our fairways without any hassle. We have been using it on the fairways since March and have seen some great results already within the sward and surface quality. We have 8 hectares of fairways, and we complete the whole golf course within 4hrs. I'm looking forward to also using in our long eco rough, to thin the sward and still leave the long wispy grasses.”

“The versatility and quickness of use is excellent, and I would recommend any club to invest in one for their course”

Nap and thatch

It is surprising how much that can be concealed within your turf!

The turf-conditioner has many unique features.  The three rows of rakes are all slightly offset so that the tines give a very closely spaced raking pattern. The angle of pitch is adjustable to enable just the right degree of thatch removal to be achieved.

The unit floats freely on the tractor’s linkage when working across rig and furrow undulations, and the pivoting wing sections enable it to accurately follow the contours around course features.

The Turf-Conditioner demonstrates that not all course machinery needs to be complex or expensive to yield outstanding benefits. Sometimes you just need a more efficient way of implementing good common-sense greenkeeping practices.  Demonstrations are readily available through GreenTek’s nationwide dealer network.

Nap and thatch

Impressive result at Forest of Arden Golf Club

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