Dyna-Seeders put life back into vandalized greens

Date: 16/07/21

Linlithgow green

When vandals sprayed thirteen of Linlithgow  Golf Club’s greens with weedkiller, Course Manager Phil Montgomery had to take drastic remedial action. In what was clearly a carefully planned attack, the quad bike sprayer left a devastating trail of destruction.

However, thanks to the determination the Phil and his team, and regular use of their new Dyna-Seeder units, the greens are coming back.


Fresh new growth shooting up

“They are amazing, working a treat” says Phil. "We are trying to pump as much seed as possible into the greens.  We use them every two weeks. They are a brilliant bit of kit - so easy to use.”

Thankfully, vandal remediation is not the usual reason that so many courses are now Dyna-Seeding their greens. For most courses, their objective is to create improved putting surfaces with an ideal sward composition.

Overseeding give you more direct control over the species in your greens than any other practice.

Whilst careful management of height of cut, watering, nutrition, and limiting disturbance, all play their part in providing conditions that favor your desired species; nothing gives you such a direct route to your ideal sward composition as sowing the seed of your choice.

Literally, you grow what you sow!

Dyna seeder

Hexham Golf Club use 3 bags of seed for 19 greens

The new seedlings

The new seedlings are clearly visible in the sward 12 days after Dyna-Seeding at Hexham

David Thompson, Course Manager at Hexham Golf Club says “We’ve had Dyna-Seeders for years, and I can’t speak highly enough of them.”

“We are a parkland course with bent/Poa greens. You will never get rid of Poa, but if you keep filling up with bent it can colonize and out-compete the Poa with the right management. Not feed and water it too much. But if you’ve not got the right grasses in, you use more chemical, feed and water.”

Dyna Seeder

A key benefit of the Dyna-Seeders is their ability to obtain maximum germination from seeding rates as low as 5g/sqm.

“Bent is quite expensive. We use three bags, 60kg for 19 greens, at £440 a bag. That does every part of the greens and the perimeters as well.”

“The Dyna-Seeders are absolutely fantastic for getting maximum germination. We get a very good strike.  After 12 to 14 days, it is popping up.  They are such a good tool to use, I’ve not got a negative thing to say about them - they get 10 out of 10 from me"

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