In rugby, the ball may not spend nearly as much time on the playing surface as it does in other sports, but that doesn’t make the preparation of rugby pitches any easier. In the fast moving, modern game, the condition of the pitch is crucial, yet today’s teams take more out of it than ever before.

Your rugby pitch has to take the strain of sixteen heavyweight players striving together in the scrum, tearing up the turf as they fight for every inch of advantage. These same players will be driven back and forth in rolling mauls, crash together in rucks and slide across and through the surface as they make tackle after tackle. Add in the weather of a typical winter season and you have one of the biggest groundskeeping challenges in sport.

Fortunately, you have one of the most experienced and innovative teams behind you to help you tackle rugby’s huge demands on your pitches. From large-scale rollers and thatch rakes to combination multi-tools, such as the Double Quick that aerates, rolls, rakes, and brushes all in one, we have everything you need to get your pitch ready for the big game.

So bring on the burly forwards and the lightning fast back and let them do their worst, between the two try lines. With GreenTek on your bench, once the final whistle has blown you’ll soon restore a pristine playing surface, ready for the next game.