Other Sports Grounds

We may be best known for equipment that creates superb quality greens and fairways, but our expertise spreads a long way beyond the golf course. Today, GreenTek has the equipment and experience to help you manage all kinds of sports pitches, from tennis courts to bowling greens, track and field venues to multi-sports pitches at schools and colleges. 

Our equipment is scalable to any size of site, and adaptable to whatever challenges the local conditions throw at you, from thick dry thatch to compacted ground, and uneven sports fields with lying surface water.

Whether you are rolling to replace divots on a racecourse, or preparing the perfect lawn for croquet, GreenTek have the equipment to get your grass right, first time, every time with the minimum of effort and the maximum effect.

Whatever the sport, whatever the conditions, with GreenTek you can create grass that is healthy and resilient, right down to the roots, while also attractive and immaculately manicured.