Grounds Maintenance

Local Authorities and their sub-contractors face big challenges. Not only do they have to contend with the unique demands of each individual sport and pitch, but they also have to beat their budgets too. Constantly looking for ways of increasing their efficiency; doing more work with less labour input. 

What’s more, in addition to maintaining specific single-sports facilities, council teams often have to cope with a wide variety of different sports surfaces at different venues, all on the same day. 

GreenTek delivers the flexibility and versatility the council sector needs, and most importantly, does it within the strict limits of the ever-decreasing council budgets. Almost all of our state-of-the-art equipment can be attached to any tractor or utility vehicle, providing maximum utilisation for all vehicles within the fleet. This saves time and money and makes your team adaptable to a wide variety of situations. Our flexible Double-Quick multiple attachment system cuts transport costs, avoids the need to constantly return to the depot and keeps your team productive, using the same vehicle all day, while at the same time allowing them to perform a wide range of functions.

GreenTek also gives council staff the capacity they need to get through their workload quickly and efficiently, delivering high volume performance from every operative. Our Multi-Roller has an impressive 18ft span, while our Double-Quick system is just that, rolling, raking, brushing and aerating, all at the same time.