Keeping your golf course in great condition is about much more than just good looks; it can mean the difference for your golfers between a birdie and a bogie, between taking the lead and falling back into the pack. Players have enough to contend with on a well-designed course, without having to compete with variable turf conditions and inconsistent greens too.

GreenTek have the specialised equipment you need to maintain your golf course, from smooth, responsive fairways that give the ball that extra bounce, to pristine greens that provide consistently fast putting surfaces, without reducing height of cut.

GreenTek offers a huge range of mower attachments to keep your turf in peak condition all year round, but our expertise and assistance goes much further than that. 

GreenTek will help you deliver dependable greens, with a huge range of accessories, including the renowned Thatch-Away Supa-System, which over the past 20 years has established itself as one of the most essential ranges of greenkeeping equipment ever.  Also Select-a-Vibe Rollers that gently vibrate-in topdressing and even out the speed of your greens, and the Sarel Roller that aerates the top surface to overcome compaction and reduce the risk of standing water.

We can help you to maintain beautiful fairways with a wide selection of attachments, including the Fairway Groomer with three rows of tines to stimulate growth and a rear brush to add that gloriously groomed look. And when the weather hits hard, we’ll help you keep your course open, with our powerful Bunker Drainer that removes pooled water fast. 

At GreenTek we’ve been supporting greenkeepers for fifty years, so you know you can count on every us to deliver the best of traditional techniques and modern innovations, to help you raise your standards while lowering your workload.