Few games place as many demands on their playing surface as football. Often played at a fast and furious pace, with twenty-two sets of studs tearing away at the surface and lunging tackles that carve up the turf, football soon takes its toll on even the best prepared pitch. Yet players still expect every pass to run straight  without deflecting off a divot.

Maintaining football pitches can be a real challenge, especially with multiple games taking place every week through the testing winter months. But you’ll find it so much easier with GreenTek on your team. 
GreenTek understands your playing surface and delivers exactly what you need to keep it in prime condition, from aerators and rollers to brushes and groomers.

For grass to grow, it needs an open soil structure that breathes and drains. The GreenTek Double-Quick and Aero-Quick aerators create the conditions it needs to flourish. They open up the soil structure, stimulating deep roots and encouraging stronger turf that will withstand the rigors of the long season ahead. What’s more, a well aerated root-zone will drain better to leave your pitch playable even after the heaviest rain.

If you use your pitch to host functions and entertainment events, you will be only too aware of the damage that these can do to unprotected turf.  That’s why GreenTek’s sister company Ground-Guards also offers a wide range of ground protection and temporary access systems that will look after all your hard work, and help you to host profitable events.