In no other sport does the pitch you create have a greater bearing on the outcome of the game than it does in cricket. The dryness and pace of the outfield can significantly affect the boundary count and the score, while the condition of the in-field can make a huge difference to the number of ones and twos that are scored by each side. 

Then there is the wicket itself, which involves the very best of the groundskeeper’s art and experience to keep it flat and fair with a true bounce and a speed off the surface that you can count on. No player wants a two paced pitch or a stodgy pudding bowl where the ball dies in the surface. Every home team wants a pitch that is prepared in a way that makes the most of their skills, be that batting or bowling, pace or spin.

GreenTek can help you take care of the whole pitch, from the boundary rope to the popping crease. We have the large-scale machinery needed to quickly maintain the biggest grounds, aerating, rolling, brushing, scarifying and raking to keep the grass healthy and even. 

Everyone wants to see a fair contest between bat and ball, and GreenTek can help you prepare your pitch to perfection.